5 Reasons your old pool guy is a jerk.

You don't have to work with jerks.  Call Jim The Pool Guy!

No, not THIS kind of pool jerk.

Now that the weather is finally getting nicer and spring is on the way, it’s time to think about your swimming pool opening and service for the 2015 swim season.  Here are a few things to consider before signing another service contract with your old pool service company.

1. He’s charging too much to open your pool!  

Let’s be honest- more than likely your old pool service company has been sitting around all winter, desperately waiting for the season to start.  Because of this, their prices are probably through the roof come springtime to make up for the dip in winter work.

2. He isn’t local.

Because we’re not in Florida, in ground swimming pools are not in every neighborhood, and his service area is huge.  This is a problem for the pool owner when you need him RIGHT AWAY for that birthday/graduation/4th of July/parents out of town party!

3. He charges for every little thing. 

With Amazon, Ebay and tons of other online retailers available to the consumer, it’s amazing that service professionals mark up materials so much.  Since it is so easy these days to price compare pool pumps, cartridge filters and chemicals, why do pool service companies bother to nickle-and-dime their clients?  It’s time to find yourself a pool guy that charges a flat fee for his services that includes all chemicals and materials for your pool service.  When it IS time to upgrade your swimming pool equipment, go with the guy that finds the best material and equipment prices for YOU, not himself.

4. He is racing to get out of your backyard.

What’s the big rush?  Does your pool service company rely on quantity of jobs rather than quality of service provided?  In some ways this goes back to the limited swim season available in the Chicago land area.  Rushing through a pool opening or service call does nothing to help the client, and only benefits the service company that doesn’t care about building a long-term, trusting relationship with the pool owner.

5. He’s just not that friendly.

Everyone knows that service with a smile counts, but for some reason pool guys are notorious for being an anti-social group.  If your pool service company doesn’t seem to take interest in how YOU are doing, then it’s time to find a new pool guy.

The good news:  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Contact Jim The Pool Guy to get the great service and reasonable pricing you expect and deserve from your local pool guy!


About the Author:

Jim has been in the swimming pool maintenance and service business for over 10 years, and exceeding your expectations is his primary goal. Feel free to email, call, or schedule a service request through this site and he will respond within 24 hours.
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