Baby Ruth in the Pool

I get the call at least once a year- and it always starts out the same way:

Customer: “Hi Jim. Uhhh, I don’t know how to say this but…well, ya see- my kids had a pool party this weekend, and…ummm…

Me: “Say no more. I already know where you’re going with this one! No big deal.

The truth is, accidents happen. Kids get excited, diapers blow up…and adults, well maybe you’re just too lazy to get out of the pool! But there’s an easy fix.  It should go with out saying, but you gotta fish out the candy bar first.  Use the pole and a deep leaf net to scoop it out and flush the sucker!  The rest is easy.  Shock-It.

Generally speaking, 1 lb. of shock will treat 10,000 gallons of pool water. If there’s an ‘accident’ in the water I would double that dose and let the equipment circulate the water for 8 hours after adding the shock. Obviously you’ll want to check your chemicals before getting back in the water, but the shock should sanitize the water fairly quickly.

And if you’re just not sure what to do- feel free to call me. I won’t judge or Snicker. Promise.

Safe Swimming,



About the Author:

Jim has been in the swimming pool maintenance and service business for over 10 years, and exceeding your expectations is his primary goal. Feel free to email, call, or schedule a service request through this site and he will respond within 24 hours.
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