What Jim the Pool Guy offers:

  • Comprehensive pool openings and closings
  • Water chemistry testing and balancing
  • Pump and heater maintenance and repairs
  • Cartridge filter and salt cell cleanings
  • Auto-Cover maintenance and repair
  • Tile repair and replacement
  • Weekly/Bi-weekly/Monthly service packages*
  • Confirmed scheduled times for your service call

*Call today to find out about new service pricing and packages for your area.


Water filtration and circulation is CRITICAL to having clear swimming pool water.  During the pool opening, Jim The Pool Guy will do an initial test and balance of your pool water chemistry, but this is not where water stabilization begins and ends.  Don’t spend your weekends cleaning and balancing your pool water!  We recommend a second visit from Jim, about 2 weeks after the opening, to further clean your pool walls, floor, tile line, and adjust chemical and salt levels in the pool.