Why is my pool green?

It’s getting hot outside here in the Chicago suburbs, and swimming pool owners all over the area are scrambling to get their pools ready for the season.

Several times a week I get a call about a ‘cloudy pool’….or, something just doesn’t ‘look right’ with the water.  The first question I ask- how do the chemicals look?  There’s usually a long pause and then: “Uh, yeah I guess. I think, um….there were ok last time errr, the kids checked it I think.

Dudes, you gotta get in the habit of checking chemicals AT LEAST 3 times a week.  Especially if you are making chemical adjustments, you need to know what is happening in the water.

The short answer is: if water is cloudy green you either have a chlorine demand     that exceeds the needs of the water. Add a strong dose of liquid chlorine or powered shock around the perimeter of the pool.  If you have an auto-cover, keep it closed  when not using the pool.  And if you don’t, add chlorine and shock chemicals in the evening once the sun sets.  Sunlight will ‘burn off’ pool chlorine if added in the middle of a sunny day.  Of course, ALWAYS CHECK YOUR POOL WATER CHEMICALS BEFORE SWIMMING THE NEXT DAY.

Secondly, clean your filter-wether it’s the sand medium and need to be backwashed, or cartridge filters that need to be sprayed out…  all that algae that reacted with the chlorine/shock will eventually coagulate and fall to the floor  of the pool.  Much of the debris will get filtered into the pool equipment and needs to be washed out for proper filtration of the swimming pool water.

Do you STILL have questions/concerns about your pool chemistry? You can reach me on the contact page, or just drop me a note   jim@jimthepoolguy.com

Safe Swimming!



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Jim has been in the swimming pool maintenance and service business for over 10 years, and exceeding your expectations is his primary goal. Feel free to email, call, or schedule a service request through this site and he will respond within 24 hours.
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