Why is there air in my pool pump? 5 reasons you loose prime

Are you having trouble keeping your swimming pool primed?  If you’re not sure what that means, here are a few symptoms of pump cavitation:


1. Loss of suction-  If you are vacuuming the pool and notice it’s not sucking very well, you might have pump cavitation.

2. Air bubbles- If you continually notice air bubbles coming through the returns in the pool, you might have pump cavitation.

3. Water sloshing in the pump-  If your pool pump is louder than normal and looks like THIS, you might have pump cavitation.

4. Debris in the skimmer or pump impeller and basket-  If you have a large amount of leaves or other debris in the pool, you might have pump cavitation.

5. Loose unions or fittings- If your pool pump is sucking air through the lid, suction union or plug, you might have pump cavitation.

So how do you solve the problem?  It’s not that complicated, really!  Clear all debris from the pool skimmer, main drain, pump basket, and impeller.  If you are still having an issue keeping the pump primed, you most likely have an air leak somewhere on the suction side of the pump line.  Check all fittings, valves and o-rings coming into the pool pump.  Make sure to tighten pipe unions and lubricate o-rings and gaskets to keep a good seal.  If all else fails, call me!

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Jim has been in the swimming pool maintenance and service business for over 10 years, and exceeding your expectations is his primary goal. Feel free to email, call, or schedule a service request through this site and he will respond within 24 hours.
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  1. Lance  November 7, 2014

    Hi I have a pool heater pump that when left for a day gets air in the pump and needs priming again it has one way valves before and after the pump have you any thoughts thanks lance


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